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EQL Tools

Enterprise QA Labs Inc. developed its own Open Source Functional Automation framework called EQT (Enterprise QA Test framework). EQT is constructed with powerful testing features and inbuilt frame work for Windows, Web-based and Cloud-based applications.

Some Key Features of EQT.
  • Ease of use and simple interface.
  • Presents the test case as a business workflow to the tester (simpler to understand).
  • Uses a real programming language (Java/Python/VBScript) with numerous resources available.
  • EQT is significantly easier for a non-technical person to adapt to and create working test cases, compared to other proprietary tools.
  • Data table integration better and easier to use than any proprietary tools.
  • Test Run Iterations/Data driving a test is easier and better implemented with EQT.
  • Can create and implement the Microsoft Object Model (Outlook objects, ADO objects, zileSystem objects, supports DOM, WSH, etc.).
  • Better object identification mechanism.
  • Numerous existing functions available for implementation.
  • EQL supports .NET,JAVA development environment.
  • XML support.